Rubber stamps make repeat application of text and images to any surface easy and fun. Whether you are stamping business documents or you are applying art designs to crafts or even stamping peoples hands for entry at special events, we can produce your stamp. Our dedicated team will work with you to design any stamp to your specifications.

Available options:

  • Self-inking or manual inking
  • Multiple self-ink stamp sizes/models
  • Manual selectable dater with fixed content
  • Black, red, blue, or custom color ink
  • Custom sizes and shapes available for manual ink stamps

Let us know what the stamp needs to say or what artwork needs to be displayed and what size stamp you need. Our talented production team will take that info and design the stamp to your specifications.

We can manufacture manual inking stamps as well. Size and shape is customizable based on your requirements. Choose your ink color from the many that are available. 

round rubber stamp

For those who are hobbyist and crafts people, we offer custom designed rubber stamps for applying any sort of artwork to most surfaces utilizing ink, wood stain, or thinned paint. Why bother with using finicky stencils or paint mask when you can use a custom made stamp.